14 MAY 2018

EU Policy and Industry Perspectives on Biofuels in a Global Context

Biofuels constitute one of the key pillars in the efforts for sustainable economic development and significantly contributes to the mitigation of climate change. The aim of this workshop is to promote the dialogue between the European Industry of Advanced Biofuels and the EU Policy-makers and the related institutions. The key objective is to communicate the capabilities and the needs of the relevant industry under the global perspective of the wider deployment of the Advanced Biofuels and to highlight the opportunities and threads stemming from the policy framework. International organizations active in the field will participate: IRENA, FAO, IEA, ETIP-Bioenergy.

The Workshop is structured in two sections. The first part comprises a few presentations from ART Fuels and International Organisations on the global dimension of the Advanced Biofuels, while during the second part a moderated panel discussion will take place among representatives of the sustainable, advanced, alternative and renewable transportation fuels (ART Fuels) industry, focusing on the benefits and market uptake potential of the ART- Fuels.

The event will be concluded with a discussion with the audience and a Q&A session.

The event is organized by the ART Fuels Forum, which brings together more than 100 experts representing the value chain for alternative transportation fuels and facilitates discussions on policy and market issues for these fuels.

For information regarding the event and for registration please click here. The agenda can be retrieved here.