EXERGIA is an independent firm of consultants operating internationally in the fields of energy and environment, member of SESMA, the Hellenic Association of Management Consulting Companies (Greek branch of FEACO). It was founded in 1991 and maintains since then a rapid growth rate through expansion of its client base and of its activities. Having been involved in a large number of significant sustainable energy projects worldwide, EXERGIA is established among the top energy consulting companies. The wide scope of company’s projects ranges from consultancy to European Union and state policy and strategy formulation up to energy/environmental audits and feasibility studies for private clients.

Experience and know-how built up over the years have made the company capable of handling a wide range of projects and guarantee a multidisciplinary approach tailored to meet the client’s requirements. EXERGIA provides advice, expertise and technical consultancy on the following topics:

  • Energy Policy and Strategy formulation at local, regional (intra-national and international) and national level, including the assessment of energy demand and supply development, energy modelling, formulation of action plans, etc.
  • Advice to governmental/regulatory authorities on technical, organizational, institutional and legislative aspects on implementation of energy and environmental strategies and policies.
  • Support to all energy market actors, including regulatory authorities, operators, services, utilities and IPPs to operate and develop their business within liberalized energy markets.
  • Promotion and support of market uptake of modern energy and environmental technologies
  • Identification, assessment, monitoring and evaluation of measures and programmes in all sectors on Energy Efficiency, Renewables and Climate Change
  • Diagnosis, auditing, project solutions and management support to industrial clients and commercial clients on the application of modern energy and environmental technologies that result in higher energy efficiency and compliance to environmental conditions.
  • Feasibility studies and techno-economic analyses for significant energy and environmental projects to be financed by international donors and banks.
  • Support on publicity issues including information campaigns, promotion activities and training on energy and environmental issues.

EXERGIA offers its consulting services in energy, environment and water following the procedures of the international standard for quality assurance EN ISO 9001:2008 and for information security management EN ISO 27001:2013. Furthermore, please read our Privacy Policy regarding the management of personal data in the frame of the project.

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The Renewable Energy Consortium for Research and Demonstration (RE-CORD) is a no-profit public-private independent research body established by the University of Florence, which merges numerous competences and resources in the field of basic and applied research, engineering, and sustainable land planning and development.

Founded in 2010 under the initiative and as a further development of the Research Center for Alternative and Renewable Energy (CREAR) – University of Florence, RE-CORD develops scientific and technological research in the field of Renewable Energies and in particular Bioenergy, while creating a synergistic effect by combining expertise and resources from the four founding members.

RE-CORD mission is to develop innovative actions on the whole biomass value chain, from a basic and applied R&D point of view to policy, market and sustainability perspectives. It covers the whole chain, i.e. from biomass production and supply to downstream processing into biofuels, bioproducts and biomaterials.

Policy and markets are also a major action for RE-CORD, which has been/is involved in several Networks and Groups that specifically focused on these matters, as the Leaders of Sustainable Biofuels, the European Sustainable Biofuel Forum, the International Energy Agency, and the European Biofuel Technology Platform. In the aviation fuel area, RE-CORD represents Italy in the UN ICAO AFTF (Alternative Fuel Task Force) group.

RE-CORD and its members provide system expertise and combine resources (laboratories and plants) so to achieve critical mass and to develop research on policy, agronomic and technological levels.

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For specific project policy aspects related to competition and WTO compliance, the Consultant has subcontracted the specialized law firm Jones Day.

Jones Day, a legal institution with more than 2,500 lawyers on five continents, is based on a set of core principles – the most critical of which is a relentless focus on client service that transcends individual interests.

Lawyers in Jones Day’s International Trade Practice have extensive experience assisting clients in matters of international trade, export controls, and customs law. Lawyers in Jones Day have appeared on behalf of domestic companies and multinational enterprises, organizations, and governments in anti-dumping, anti-subsidy, safeguard, and other proceedings involving trade defense; import and export controls and customs regulations; rules of origin; market access; product classification, and transfer pricing.

Jones Day’s international trade lawyers are highly experienced in WTO law, as regards issues relating to regulatory matters, as well as trade defense (anti-dumping, anti-subsidy, anti-circumvention, and safeguard) and a full range of other international trade matters.

Jones Day’s lawyers have dealt with the antitrust or competition agencies of more than 50 countries and have significant experience with the European Commission, EU Member State national authorities, U.S. antitrust agencies, and Asian national competition enforcement authorities.

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