30-31 October

ART Fuels Forum 4th Plenary Meeting

We are pleased to announce the 4th Plenary Meeting of the ART Fuels Forum on 30-31 October 2018 in Brussels.

The 1st Plenary Meeting brought together all Forum Leaders, the team of Advisers, the Forum Members, as well as leading experts on various ART Fuels technology and transport sectors and resulted in the endorsement of the conclusions and recommendations of the SGAB report.

The 2nd Plenary Meeting presented the international cooperation dimension of the Forum with other relevant initiatives active in the area of ART Fuels and discussed the Forum position on the RED II proposal.

The 3rd Plenary Meeting provided an update on RED II status (timing, sub-targets, etc.) and focus on Financing and Biomass availability issues.

The 4th Plenary Meeting consists the last plenary of the ART Fuels Forum. It will allow for the Forum Groups to meet and contribute to key issues of RED II. RED II implementation and specific issues will be presented and thoroughly discussed, along with the strategy of Forum interventions on RED II implementation.

The Agenda of the ART Fuels Forum 4th Plenary Meeting can be retrieved here.