18 June

Workshop “The role of low carbon fuels in achieving the Paris agreement”

The ART Fuels Forum cordially invites you to the workshop “THE ROLE OF LOW CARBON FUELS IN ACHIEVING THE PARIS AGREEMENT” organized during the Policy Conference of EUSEW 2019 in Brussels, on June 18 at 14.00-15.30.

Transport is the only sector of the EU and global economy where the greenhouse gas emissions continue to increase. The Paris agreement has ambitious targets and recent studies indicate that these can only be achieved with an increased use of bioenergy in general and biofuels in particular in the sector of transport. Also other low carbon fuels such as eFuels and CCU fuels will have to play a major role.

The session will focus on the role low carbon fuels will have to play in order to meet the Paris objectives. Presentations will be from international institutions such as IEA, IRENA and Biofuture Platform, national governments and from the EU biofuels industry since these are the key interlocutors and stakeholders who can facilitate the rapid change needed to decarbonise transport.

The policy session agenda has three sections:

  • Global perspectives and International Initiatives,
  • National Implementation of REDII in conjunction with the SET Plan, and,
  • The Climate Vision from the EU Biofuel Industry

The first section will address international viewpoints while the second will address the implementation of the RED II close linked to innovation aspects. In the 3rd section leading industry representatives will give their view on how to achieve the climate change targets of the European Union.

The event is targeting decision makers at national and European level.

For information regarding the speakers and for registration please click here. The draft agenda can be retrieved here.