ART Fuels Forum Position on RED II

The ART Fuels Forum published its position on the RED II proposal in the form of Key Messages.

Download the relevant files on the Key Messages, the Sector-Specific Messages and the Key messages from the International Perspective.


The Key Messages are categorized in four board categories, namely, (1) Advanced Biofuel Definition, (2) Targets, Mandates and Penalties, (3) Policy Framework and Support Schemes, (4) Emissions and Sustainability Criteria.

The position of the Forum, can be summarized to the following main key points:

  1. The definition of advanced biofuels should be broader than Annex IX lists and should include all sustainable waste & residue material based biofuels. It’s much more transparent and effective to use the definition proposed by the Sub-Group on Advanced Biofuels (SGAB).
  2. The 2030 targets of RED II are viewed as too conservative and should be more ambitious to accelerate progress towards decarbonizing transport and achieving the EU Paris obligations.
  3. Dedicated sub-mandates that progressively increase over time for advanced sustainable Alternative and Renewable Transport Fuels and separately for waste based low-carbon fossil fuels, are proposed.
  4. Transition from First Generation (1G) to Advanced Biofuels should be orderly, permitting recovery of investment cost i.e. grandfathering 1G in order to secure trust of investors and technology developers in this sector.
  5. Combination of innovative measures mobilizing financial resources in different forms to develop/introduce novel Advanced Biofuels technologies at industrial scale towards wider deployment should be considered in compliance with the principles of the EU internal market.
  6. The issue of indirect GHG-emissions from biomass needs attention. GHG emissions from waste have to be reassessed while Sustainability Criteria should be clear and reasonable.

The messages have been consolidated based on the input of the approximately 100 Forum experts, under the coordination of the Forum Leaders, and after following a thorough internal consultation procedure. The procedure for the elaboration of the ART Fuels position started after its 1st Plenary Meeting, while the Key Messages will be also discussed during the 2nd Plenary Meeting.

More information is available in the Forum Outputs section of this site.