ART Fuels participation in COP 23 / below50 session “The role of low carbon fuels in transport decarbonization”

The ART Fuels Forum was represented by Th. Goumas in the roundtable organized by below50 during the Industry Day (November 12) of COP 23 in Bonn. This session highlighted the importance of new alternative fuel technologies and demonstrated how appropriate enabling policies can promote the expansion of this sector, while also ensuring that high sustainability standards are met. Panelists under moderation of Gerard Ostheimer discussed the experiences in the EU, Brazil, Australia, USA and concentrated on specific regional experiences in California and Rotterdam and the existing policy barriers for low carbon fuels. An overview of below50 initiative, as a platform through which companies across the low carbon supply chain are working together to grow the demand of most sustainable fuels, was presented.

The ART Fuels Forum was presented to the audience focusing on its industry oriented platform and its priority to shape proposals which are necessary to be considered in view of the forthcoming EU policy expressed through RED II. The Key Messages of the ART Fuels Forum for RED II and the estimated future impact of biofuels and other sustainable fuels in transportation was presented in brief.

The panel concluded that decarbonization of transportation anticipates significant contribution of advanced and renewable fuels in parallel with e-mobility and that more vigorous and realistic policies should be exercised at regional and national / EU level.