Platform pleads for a limit on the use of fossil fuel in transport

A limit on the use of fossil fuels in transport, that is what  the Platform Sustainable Biofuels is pleading in order to reduce the climate impact of transport in The Netherlands. By 2030 the use of fossil fuels in transport should be at least one third lower than current levels. Subsequently a continuous reduction path towards zero use in 2050 needs to be established. The would be needed to cap CO2-emissions in 2030 to maximally 25 million tonnes (tank to wheel), compared to the current 35 million tonnes.

Listen to the interview (in Dutch) that BNR Nieuwsradio held with the Director of the Platform, Eric van den Heuvel, Thursday 14 November. The same message was put forward at a netwerk event of The Netherlands Emission Authority on 28 November (also in Dutch). A background article (in Dutch) on the limit of fossil fuels in transport  can be read  here.