Progress on Life Cycle Analysis for Carbon Capture and Utilisation

Following the Workshop on “Benchmarking LCA for CCU applications” held on Tuesday, 6 June 2017, DG ENER organizes a follow up workshop on “Progress on LCA4CCU” to be held on Tuesday 9 July, 2019 in Brussels.

The objective of the Workshop is to present the work of 7 independent experts hired by DG ENER to address the methodology of LCA4CCU from a purely scientific basis. Their work started in November 2018 and will continue till the end of 2019; thus the workshop will address their preliminary findings and recommendations.

The topics to be presented will cover amongst other the following:

  • LCA for CCU context and project approach
  • LCA Goal definition
  • Description of CCU system (incl. CO2 sources) and reference system
  • Functional Unit and System boundaries
  • Feedstock- (CO2, H2, …) and energy-related (electricity, heat) aspects
  • Data aspects (background and foreground data availability and responsibilities)
  • Impact categories (method choices, including time horizon)
  • Uncertainties and scenario variation (including early TRL)

The workshop is structured on presentations by one of the experts and panel discussion(s). The detailed agenda and the workshop venue will be announced by June 15, 2019.

If you intend to participate please register at: