Successful Completion of the Joint Workshop by the IEA and the European Commission on Electrofuels

It is our pleasure to report the successful completion of the workshop on Electrofuels jointly organized by the IEA and the European Commission, and the contribution of ART Fuels Forum on September 10 in Brussels. The goal of the workshop was to discuss the potential role of Electrofuels in a decarbonizing energy sector despite existing barriers from high production costs and uncertain sustainability performance.

The event focused on four main topics:

  1. Strategic relevance and potential of Electrofuels amidst emerging renewable generation capacity with low variable costs;
  2. Production pathways, cost developments, and usage options for Electrofuels;
  3. The sustainability of Electrofuels with respect to key indicators such as life cycle emissions and land use requirements;
  4. Implications for low carbon transport scenarios, policy developments, and the work plan of the IEA Technology Collaboration Programmes.

Τhe presentations of the speakers here.