ART Fuels Forum Position on RED II

The ART Fuels Forum has published its position on the RED II proposal in the form of Key Messages categorized in four broad categories, namely:
(1) Advanced Biofuel Definition,
(2) Targets, Mandates and Penalties,
(3) Policy Framework and Support Schemes,
(4) Emissions and Sustainability Criteria. 
The Forum has also prepared Sector-specific Messages for RED II, pertinent to the main focus of the considered ART Fuels production and transport consumption industries, as well as Messages covering the International perspective of RED II. 
The messages have been consolidated based on the input of the approximately 100 Forum experts following a thorough internal consultation procedure.


01-ART-Fuels_Key-Messages-Brochure-web_Sep_2017-2.pdf 02-ART-Fuels_Sector-Specific-Key-Messages_Sep_2017-2.pdf 03-ART-Fuels_Key-Messages-International-Perspective_Sep_2017-2.pdf