Biogas Done Right in Transport with best practice examples

Agriculture and traffic are among the largest sources of GHG emission with 12% resp. 14% of global emission. Any process to reduce emission from the two sources is actually an urgent need. Biofuels and agriculture are naturally closely related and therefore a combined action to improve sustainability of agriculture and traffic is the recommended way to take. Bioenergy is a controversial issue, questioned by many scientists and policymakers. Many among them believe that there is no way to produce organic carbon for bioenergy without harming environment and direct or indirect impact on food and feed availability. However, with today’s agricultural technologies integrating biogas production, sequential cropping and precision farming we can produce GHG neutral or even GHG negative BioEnergy while Capturing and Sequestering Carbon (BECCS); without limiting food and feed production and with a low risk of indirect land use change (iLUC). This concept called Biogas Done Right has been proven by Italian farmers motivated by the Italian Biogas Association.