Lipid-Based Biofuels Position Paper

The challenge of decarbonising the European transport sector is huge. Therefore the full potential of all options has to be taken into account. It is well known that lipid-based biofuels are currently providing the majority of renewable energy into the EU transport sector, and that the EU has set sustainability criteria for them. Setting ambitious targets for the years 2021-2030 would allow the use of the current options and, in addition, would provide interest for additional investments in the EU.

The Lipids-based Biofuels Group of the ART Fuels Forum suggests that (a) the ambitious overall decarbonization targets can be achieved through the utilization of any sustainable renewable options, including sustainable crop-based fuels and sustainable waste and residue-based fuels, and that (b), in order to help investments, a binding sub-target which can be fulfilled with biofuels produced from feedstocks listed in Annex IX, part A should provide a trajectory for 2021-2030 with binding milestones.